CAEP Office Extends Upcoming Deliverable Deadlines.

The CAEP Office just announced an extension to the upcoming deliverables deadline due to NOVA problems. The following is from the latest CAEP Newsletter:

“October 20: The consortium will have until October 20, 2023, to certify the Quarter 4 Expenditure Reports.

October 20: The Member Budget and Work Plan is due in NOVA by October 20, 2023.

November 17: The consortium will have to certify the Member Budget and Work Plans by November 17, 2023.”

Our Event Calendar will be updated later today.

CAEP Deliverables

All CAEP Deliverables for 2023-24 (and for some dates, including data from 2021-22 and 2022-23) are now posted on our calendar. The deliverable due dates are available for any deadlines scheduled through December 2024.

Calendar Update – October and CAEP Deliverables

All currently scheduled October professional development opportunities offered by CAEP, OTAN, CASAS and CALPRO have been posted on our calendar.

In addition, the first half of the CAEP Deliverables for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year have also been posted on the calendar. The remainder of the deliverables will be posted by the middle of this week.

Calendar Update – WIOA 2023-24 Deliverables

All Deliverables for the 2023-24 WIOA Title II Grant Funding Year have been posted on our Event Calendar. To quickly review these dates, open the drop-down menu under “Calendar” on our website’s home page and then click on “WIOA Deliverables”. Only these dates will then appear in the middle of the screen. Due to the number of deliverables you will have to scroll through a few pages to view each individual deliverable and its due date.

Calendar Update – Week of September 3 – 9.

Our Event Calendar has been completely updated for next week. There are several PD opportunities available including the CA Statewide WIOA Network Meeting on Tuesday, and a CA TE Netwrok Meeting on Friday. Friday is also the deadline for applying to participate in CALPRO’s Community of Practive (CoP) “Supporting Student Transitions to Postsecondary and the Workforce. Please review the calendar to determine if any of the events would be of interest to you or to members of your staff.

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