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Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners (Online)

This course will examine nine strategies that help learners persist and offer adult educators the opportunity to practice and internalize them. The course focuses on motivation and persistence and is […]

Understanding the Adult Learner (Online)

This course examines how adults learn and the implications for adult literacy programs. It explores the unique characteristics of adult learners as well as adult motivation, needs, and self-concept and their effect on learning. The course also explores adult development and the implications for effective teaching. This course takes place entirely online and runs for […]

Effective Teaching for Adult Educators (Online)

This course takes place entirely online and runs for four consecutive weeks, from 7/25/2022 to 8/21/2022. Weekly participation is required, though participants may, during a given week, log in whenever they wish. A kick-off Webinar will take place in the first week; the date and time will be announced and posted. This course is intended […]

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