Calendar update!!!

CAEP/TAP has not published any new professional development opportunities as of 3:45 p.m. on July 18, that have not already been posted to our calendar. If other PD events are added later during the week the calendar will be updated accordingly.

Governor Outlines Plan for Schools in the Fall!!!

In case you missed it, Governor Newsom held a press conference today regarding the reopening of schools, The main news is that public and private schools in the more than thirty counties on the state’s Watch List may NOT physically reopen. Updates from state and local officials will certainly come out by next week some time, but if you wish to read the Sacramento Bee’s article on the Governor’s plan, you can use the following link:  Sacramento Bee Article 7/17/20


Calendar Update!!!!

CAEP/TAP has now indicated that their professional development activity scheduled for August 13, is intended to focus on AEFLA CASAS Implementation Training for Jail Programs!!! The calendar has been updated to reflect this.

Calendar Updated!!!!

CAEP/TAP has posted several new professional development opportunities for the weeks of August 3, August 10, August 17 and August 31. These are all CASAS-related, and some fulfill CDE requirements for AEFLA funding recipients. Each event is posted on the calendar and includes a functional link to the appropriate registration page. Please note that there appear to be some typos in terms of Module Numbers and references to in-person trainings. The descriptions are as they appear today on the CAEP/TAP webpages. If there are corrections made at a later time, the website will be updated.

Calendar Updated!!!!

OTAN has posted several new professional development opportunities for the remainder of July and these have been posted to the calendar along with a functional link to specific registration pages. Some of the new PD events include new or continuing series covering Google Slides, Using YouTube in Adult Education and Tech Tools for Assessment. Two additional sessions of OTAN Office Hours for Maximizing Moodle have also been scheduled.

When searching the calendar, a reminder to click on the “see more” phrase at the bottom of certain days since more than one webinar is scheduled, and/or one or more deliverables could be due, on those days. Clicking on the phrase will list all events scheduled on that date.

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