Calendar Update – July 2022

Three professional development opportunities have been added to our Event Calendar for the month of July. Each one is an online class hosted by CALPRO. The topics and beginning dates for each are as follows: “Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners” on the 11th; “Understanding the Adult Learner” on the 18th; and “Effective Teaching for Adult Educators” on the 25th.

Calendar Update – June 2022

The Event Calendar has been updated to include a professional development opportunity hosted by CAEP/TAP. A two-part online workshop, “Creating Career Pathways Using the Updated Adult Education to Workforce Dashboard Tool” is scheduled for June 14 and 28.

LAO 2022-23 State Budget and Fiscal Outlook Report

The Legislative Analyst Office published their annual report that provides their independent assessment of the 2022-23 budget and a forecast of the state economic conditions for the next few years. While this publication has been available since November, it is not a widely advertised document. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to review it as you find time. It will be interesting to see how the soon to be released May revise aligns with their comments and suggestions. You can access the report trough the following link: LAO 2022-23 Budget Report .

Calendar Update – CAEP Deliverables.

Our Event Calendar has been updated to reflect the recently announced changes to three of the CAEP Deliverable Due Dates. The Annual Plan will now be due on September 14. The 2022-23 Member Budget and Work Plan is now due October 30, which is a Sunday. Finally, Certification of the 2022-23 Member Budget and Work Plan must occur on or before November 30.

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