Calendar Update – Week of May 28 – June 3; June and August

Our Event Calendar is up-to-date for next week.

All currently scheduled professional development opportunities for the months of June and August are also posted on our calendar. There are three CAEP-sponsored webinars in August scheduled for the 9th, 10th, and 18th. The August 10 webinar will cover the Course Approval process which is required to be completed annually by K-12 adult schools and County Offices. The rescheduled Budget and Work Plan and Quarterly Expenditure Reports for 2023-24 webinar has been set for the 18th.

Please review the calendar to determine if any of the PD events would be of value to you or to members of your staff.

Update on the May Revise.

California’s budget deficit is projected to be $31.5 billion according to Governor Newsom’s May Revise. The shortfall is primarily due to the progressive structure of the CA Income Tax. 1% of CA population pays about 50% of the tax revenues and these highest income earners paid less in taxes due to the stock market drops during the 2022 tax year.

Education’s Prop 98 portion of the state budget is down slightly from 2020-21, and expected to remain there through at least 2023-24. However, the COLA has been increased from the January Budget Proposal and is now at 8.22%.

K-12 is receiving extra discretionary LCFF funding, but several of the categoricals will be reduced slightly.

The Governor’s May Revise indicates that Adult Education will receive the full COLA (Higher Education Section, page 29, CCC Categorical Program COLA subheading).

Community Colleges are to also receive the 8.22% COLA in ongoing Prop 98 funding; but a decrease of $2.4 million in ongoing Prop 98 funding to sustain 0.5% enrollment growth.

I am sure we will soon be hearing from the professional organizations this week regarding more specific details. The negotiations between the Governor and the Legislature will also begin.

if you are interested in reviewing the budget on your own please use the following link:

May Revise 2023-24



May Revise Released!!!

The Governor released his May Revise yesterday and the state’s projected deficit has swelled to over $31 billion. However, he is proposing to increase the 23-24 COLA to 8.22%. The increase will include VAEP funding. In addition the COLA for community colleges and county office programs is also proposed to be 8.22%.

I will provide an additional update tomorrow or Monday as I have time to read the Revise further.




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