Calendar Update!!!!

CAEP/TAP announced a new Professional Development opportunity for next week that was not already on our calendar. On November 5, OTAN will begin a 3-part series “Easy Projects with Microsoft Office”. The webinar’s information is posted on our calendar along with a functional link to the registration page.

We are still working on the instructions to the new calendar. New features are being “discovered” frequently. Those will be sent out as soon as they are complete and accurate.

Calendar Updated!!!!

The Wakelet Professional Development (PD) event for November 6 has been cancelled. The event has been removed from our calendar.

The “Google Series: 1,2 and 3” (PD) event has been removed from the calendar because enrollment is limited to the hosting agency according to OTAN.

New Calendar Fully Functional and New Professional Development (PD) Opportunities Added!!!!

Nick has announced that the new calendar is fully functional and up-to-date with all PD events transferred from the old calendar. Instructions for how to use the new calendar and its features will be sent out later this week. For now you can click on any event on the calendar to access its description and registration link.

CAEP/TAP announced new PD events for this week and next that were not already posted on the old calendar. On October 30 the OTAN Webinar “OERs for Adult Education” is scheduled.

OTAN is presenting a three part series on Microsoft Office. The webinars will occur on November 3, 5 and 10. The November 3 and 5 webinars have been posted on the calendar.

An “OTAN Office Hours” will be held on November 5th.

OTAN is presenting “Using Wakelet for Remote Instruction” on November 6.

Also on November 6, OTAN has scheduled a Virtual Workshop covering “Google Series: 1, 2, 3”, although this may be a restricted PD event for a specific agency only. The agency is not specified, so when additional information is available, it will be posted here. If necessary, the event will be deleted from our calendar if our schools are not eligible to register.

New Calendar Accessible!!!!

Nick Throlson has informed us that the new version of the calendar is available for you to use. The Professional Development events and deliverables for this week, and next, are up to date and available to view.

Choosing events on the calendar by type still has a bit of work to be done by Nick, but I will update you when that is ready and include instructions for you to refer to as you gain experience with the new features.

CCAE is hosting a webinar on promoting Adult Education with your Superintendent and Board Members tomorrow. A functional link to the registration page is on the calendar if you are interested in participating.

On Wednesday, the local WIOA/ACSA Zoom Meeting will be held from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Jay Wright should be sending out the link very soon.

Additional Professional Development (PD) Activities for the Week of 10/19!!!

CAEP/TAP announced two new PD opportunities for next week. CASAS will host a Zoom training covering “NRS Data Integrity Reports (DIR) & Periods of Participation” on October 21. For more information, or to register for this event, use the following link:  CASAS Zoom registration

On October 22, CASAS is hosting the Zoom Training “California Accountability – WIOA, Title II: Data Submission Guidelines”. For more information, or to register for the event, use the following link: CASAS Zoom registration

Also on October 21, CASAS is hosting a national webinar on remote testing. This will be an update meeting on recent developments and findings. For more information, or to register for the event, use the following link: CASAS Remote Testing Update Webinar Registration .

Final work will be completed soon our our new website calendar. Events already posted on the “old” version of the calendar are still available for viewing and accessing links to PD events. To avoid confusion of jumping between calendars, new PD events and functional links to registration pages will be posted here until the “new” calendar has fully replaced the “old” version.

Professional Development (PD) Opportunity!!!

CAEP/TAP has scheduled a PD Zoom Meeting for October 16 at 10:00 a.m. CASAS will present “Distance Learning Considerations: Local Assessment Policy”. Although the event has been added to our calendar, the link to the description and registration page can also be found here:

Zoom Meeting registration

There were several other additional PD events announced for October, November and December and those will be posted to the calendar. However, since we are transitioning to a new calendar, the events and links will also be posted here until such time that the new calendar is fully functional and accessible.

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