Calendar Update – Week of January 23 – 29.

Our Event Calendar has been updated to include the several additional professional development opportunities announced by CAEP/TAP. All events on the calendar include a registration page link within the event description. Please encourage your staff to take advantage of the PD events when possible and practical.

Calendar Update – Week of January 16 – 22.

Our Event Calendar is up-to-date for the week of Jan. 16-22. There are several professional development opportunities scheduled.

A few of these include a Zoom Meeting hosted by CASAS on Tuesday, “WIOA Partnerships and Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges.” On Wednesday, the ACSA/WIOA Region 12 and 19 Networking Meeting is scheduled, and will be exclusively Zoom. There are also several webinars/trainings hosted by CASAS for school staff needing TopsPRO and accountability training during various days of the week. On Friday, the first in a monthly series of the “CAEP 2022-25 Three-Year Plan January Peer Learning Circle” is scheduled.

All PD events are posted on our calendar and links to appropriate registration pages are available for staff wishing to participate.

Update to 2022-23 Proposed State Budget.

As announced earlier, the Proposed State Budget for FY 2022-23 has been released. Highlights include a $46.7 billion surplus in revenue.

Of this surplus, $16.1 is earmarked for additional Proposition 98 payments to K-14 Education. The budget calls for a 5.33% COLA to education. K-12 adult schools are, again, not specifically identified in the K-12 Budget Chapter. However, you may recall that for the proposed 2021-22 budget, K-12 adult education was included within the categorical programs which initially were proposed to receive a reduced COLA. This year, the Governor has proposed the same COLA for all such categoricals (County Offices are directly mentioned in this paragraph).

At the community college level, the budget calls for a 5.33 COLA within apportionments ($409.4 million), and another $24.9 million ongoing for 0.5% enrollment growth.

The link the the budget summary is here: 2022-23 Budget Summary .

Information on the K-12 categorical funding can be found on page 43 of the K-12 Education Chapter; and the information on the community college funding mentioned above is found on page 55 of the Higher Education Chapter.

The professional organizations will announce more specific details soon.

Calendar Update – Week of January 16 – 22.

Our Event Calendar has been updated for the week of Jan. 16-22 to include the several new professional development opportunities that CAEP/TAP, CASAS and OTAN have scheduled. Each event includes a link to the appropriate registration page if you or any members of your staff are interested in attending.

OTAN 2022 Adult Education Students Succeed Program Nomination Period Open.

OTAN has officially opened nominations for its annual “Adult Education Students Succeed Program“. You are strongly encouraged to nominate a student and OTAN recommends you begin the process by visiting the Adult Education Students Succeed Program website. The website contains previous years student stories and videos. The nomination form can also be accessed on the page. To visit the website use the following link: OTAN Adult Education Students Succeed website . Nomination must be submitted by Friday, April 15!!

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