Several additional Professional Development (PD) opportunities have been announced for the week of Mar. 8-12 that were not already posted to our calendar.

Monday – CASAS is presenting the webinar “NRS Performance Goals: Part I: Using NRS Tables and CASAS Data Portal”.

Tuesday – “CA Network Meeting – Agencies New to WIOA II” is being hosted by CASAS.

Wednesday – CASAS is hosting two webinars “NRS Performance Goals: Part V:Qualitative Program Strategies” and “NRS Performance Goals: Panel Discussion: Engaging Students and Staff”.

Thursday – The OTAN webinar “Easy Projects with Microsoft Office series” is scheduled.  CASAS is hosting two more webinars, “NRS Performance Goals: Part VI: Quantitative Data Dive!” and “NRS Performance Goals: Panel Discussion: Identifying Regional Priorities”.

Friday – CASAS continues its EL Civics Conference Forum series with “COAPP Remote Testing & EL Civics Remote Assessment Procedures”.

Each of these PD events has been added to our calendar, and within the description there is a link to the appropriate registration page.

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