CAEP/TAP has scheduled several Professional Development opportunities for next week (Nov 9-13), that are not already posted on our calendar.

Monday – CASAS is presenting “Title II: AEFLA CASAS Implementation Training – Module 1 & 2”.

Tuesday – CAEP is presenting “CAEP Considerations for Implementing Distance Learning and Recording Outcomes”. Another OTAN Office Hours is scheduled. The 3-part OTAN series “Microsoft Office Series” will conclude. Two other CASAS Zoom Meetings are also scheduled this day, “TE Futures — November 2020 Update” and “CA Network Meeting – Agencies New to WIOA II”.

Wednesday – Please note this is Veterans’ Day, if there are any changes to the schedule for this day, the calendar will be updated and an announcement posted here. CALPRO is hosting a webinar on “Retraining Unemployed and Low-skilled Adults”.

Thursday – CAEP is following up its Summit presentations on Equity with a 3-part series beginning with “Advancing Equity Professional Learning Series: Implicit Bias”. Another OTAN Office Hours is also scheduled. CASAS is hosting a California TE Networking Meeting.

Friday – OTAN is presenting two events: “OTAN Office Hours for Maximizing Moodle” and OTAN Tech Talks (11) – November”.

Each of these events has been added to our calendar and includes a functional link to the appropriate registration page.

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