CAEP/TAP did not schedule any additional Professional Development (PD) activities for next week that were not already posted on our calendar. However, the OTAN Office Hour, scheduled for September 24 has been canceled.

New PD events have been announced for later in September and early October. On September 28, a CALPRO online course begins. An administrators’ forum – “Communicating the Relevance and Importance of Adult Education in Difficult Times” has been scheduled for September 30.

The application deadline for enrolling an agency team in the CALPRO IET online course is October 1. On October 5, another IET related online course is set to begin.

All of these PD opportunities have been posted on our calendar so you can review them and decide if you or your staff would be interested. Each calendared event also includes a functional link to the appropriate registration pages.

Several additional PD events have been announced for later in October, as well as in November, January, February, March and April. These will be posted on the calendar later today or tomorrow, and an announcement made on this blog/new page.


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