CAEP/TAP announced several new Professional Development (PD) opportunities, including one scheduled for tomorrow (9/9/20).  “Generating Reports using TOPSpro Enterprise” is set for 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Other PD events for September and October include an OTAN webinar on September 15 that will explain an online class covering The International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) SkillRise Initiative, which is offering a free 10-week online course designed to help agencies develop technology implementation plans.

Another presentation of CASAS’ webinar “California Accountability-Experienced Users” is scheduled for September 21. Two opportunities to participate in another CASAS webinar, “Distance Learning Considerations: Local Assessment Policy”, occur on September 23 and October 8.

Two more “OTAN Office Hours” have been scheduled, one on October 1 and the other on October 8. Finally, another “OTAN Office Hours for Maximizing Moodle” is set for October 2.

All of these PD events have been posted on our calendar and include a functional link to the appropriate registration pages.

Several other PD opportunities were also announced for the remainder of October, November and December. Those will be posted on the calendar sometime tomorrow, and information announced on this news/blog page.

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