Governor Newsom is still addressing the media and his live stream audiences regarding his 2024-25 Budget Proposal but the biggest news is that he claims the deficit number the state is facing is just under $39 Billion. The calculations for this figure remain to be seen but he has based his 24-25 budget around this deficit amount.

The news for education funding is not nearly as bad as many were fearing. Although the state financial challenges legally lower the Prop 98 funding figure for CA schools, the Governor is proposing a number of transfers, funding shifts and deferrals to offset some of the funding shortfalls.

The CAEP funding is proposed to receive a 0.76% COLA for 2024-25, in line with the COLA proposed for the LCFF, County Offices and Community Colleges.

The professional organizations will hopefully announce reactions to the budget and more precise implications for education, but it’s important to note that this is just the beginning of the budget process for the state, and what the Governor releases in May will provide a much clearer picture of what is in store for us in 2024-25.

If there are any critical updates, they will be posted here.

If you are interested in reading the budget document for yourself you can access it here: January 2024-25 Budget Proposal .

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