The California Legislature approved a budget yesterday that Governor Newsom is not ready to sign, however the budget allows the legislature to meet the statutory June 15 deadline to avoid loss of pay. While few details have been released thus far, one of the major sticking points is the additional ongoing funding the legislature wants to allocate to the LCFF. This extra 3.0% will not be applied to CAEP funding as the budget language reads today. According to news sources, the governor has no interest in committing to additional ongoing funding to education based on the recent national economic news – inflation has increased further, much of which is due to the recent daily records set by gasoline costs, as well as huge increases in food and electricity.

Neil Kelly advised me earlier today that our current COLA still stands at 6.56% over the current year allocation. Keep a close eye on budget negotiations. We also anticipate hearing from the adult education professional organizations.

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