May Revise!

Earlier today Governor Newsom’s May Revise was released. The main overall highlight is the expected revenue surplus of $97.5 BILLION. The COLA has also been increased to 6.56%. CAEP is not specifically mentioned within the K-12 overview; and the Revise indicates that the COLA increase is for “selected categorical programs” only. Hopefully clarification will be coming soon whether or not CAEP finding is included within those “selected categorical programs. Any further updates will be posted if and when they become available.

May Revise to be released Friday!

The Governor’s Office has announced that the May Revise will be released Friday. Governor Newsom is expected to discuss the highlights of his revision at approximately 10:00 a.m. The May Revise should be posted online shortly after that. Once the budget update is posted, any updates to K-14 Education, particularly adult education news, will be posted here.

Calendar Update – CDE-sponsored High School Equivalency Convenings

As Autumn mentioned during the Business Meeting yesterday, the CDE has scheduled several High School Equivalency Convenings throughout the state during August. The Riverside training is scheduled for August 17 and has been added to our Event Calendar. Within the description of the August 17 event there is a link to the information page, and a link to the registration page. The information page lists all scheduled convening locations and their dates, if it is not possible for your or your staff to attend in Riverside. Each event will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.

Calendar Update – July 2022

Three professional development opportunities have been added to our Event Calendar for the month of July. Each one is an online class hosted by CALPRO. The topics and beginning dates for each are as follows: “Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners” on the 11th; “Understanding the Adult Learner” on the 18th; and “Effective Teaching for Adult Educators” on the 25th.

Calendar Update – June 2022

The Event Calendar has been updated to include a professional development opportunity hosted by CAEP/TAP. A two-part online workshop, “Creating Career Pathways Using the Updated Adult Education to Workforce Dashboard Tool” is scheduled for June 14 and 28.

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