Calendar Updated!!!!

CAEP/TAP announced new professional development opportunities for next week and the week of July 20, which have all been placed on our calendar. Next week, on July 7, the Google Slides and Using YouTube in Adult Ed series continue. On July 21, Part II of the Data Diving During COVID-19 is scheduled. All these PD events on the calendar include a functional link to the Registration Page.

Also on July 21, there is a Network Call scheduled for the providers of the Jail Programs in California. The link to the registration page is posted on the calendar, but you may also access it here by using the following link: Jail Ed Network Call

Calendar Updated!!!!

OTAN announced additional dates for the OTAN Office Hours for the month of July. These dates have been posted on our calendar and include a functional link to the registration page. July continues the new schedule of Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

CAEP Office Hour to discuss latest budget agreement!!!

Just minutes ago, the CAEP Office announced that Neil Kelly will discuss the latest state budget agreement during the CAEP Office Hour on June 26 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Details are still being analyzed but it appears that there might be an increase to the current CAEP allocation as part of the agreement. A registration link is available on our calendar, but if you are ready to register now, you may use the following link:  CAEP Office Hour registration

Governor and Legislature apparently reach agreement!!!

Earlier today, Governor Newsom and the state legislature announced an agreement on the state budget that would maintain education funding levels at current fiscal year levels but is depending upon federal assistance to help with the amount of the funding which will be deferred. Professional organizations and SSC will likely have more specific details in the coming days.  JoDee will certainly share those as she receives them.  For one article that addresses today’s announcements, use the following link:  SF Chronicle article on state budget agreement

Calendar Updated!!!!

OTAN has posted several additional professional development opportunities for the remainder of June, as well as for July. These include NRS webinars put on by Jay Wright, using YouTube in adult ed, and a three-part series on Google Forms. Each of these events is posted on our calendar and includes a link to the webinar registration page. One note on the NRS webinars, there are two scheduled for each day on June 24 and June 25. However, they are all currently scheduled for the same time slot, 1-2 p.m. If a change is posted or announced by OTAN, the calendar will be updated accordingly.

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