Riverside ABOUT STUDENTS Regional Consortium for Adult Education

The ABOUT STUDENTS Regional Consortium for Adult Education serves the western region of Riverside County. The cities and communities which are provided adult educational serves by the members and partners of the consortium include Corona, Eastvale, Highgrove, Home Gardens, Jurupa Valley, Mead Valley, Moreno Valley, Norco, and Riverside. 

Calendar Update – September 2021!!!!

CDE has announced its series of New Administrator Trainings scheduled over several days in September. The following is copied from a recent CDE correspondence outlining the schedule: New Administrator Orientation (NAO) The New Administrator Orientation will be held...

Calendar Update – Week of August 1 – 7!!!!

CAEP/TAP announced another online event for the week of Aug. 1-7 that was not already posted on our calendar. On Friday CASAS will be hosting a "California TE Networking Meeting". This event has been added to our calendar. As a reminder a statewide "WIOA II Networking...

Due Dates Posted for 2021-22 WIOA GAN and Budget!!!!

CDE/AEO recently announced due dates for the first two 2021-22 WIOA Deliverables. The Grant Award Notification (GAN) is due on or before August 20, 2021. The Budget is due on or before September 3, 2021. Both documents must be submitted through the OTAN Online...

2021-22 WIOA Deliverable Due Dates Posted!!!!

CDE has posted most of the due dates for the 2021-22 WIOA Deliverables. However, due dates for the GAN and Budget have not been announced. You can access the due dates here: WIOA 2021-22 Deliverable Due Dates All of the due dates will be posted on our calendar within...

2021-22 County CalWORKs Apportionment Schedule Posted!!!!

Last week CDE posted the 2021-22 CalWORKs Apportionment amounts for County Offices and eligible adult schools. You can review the amounts here: 2021-22 CalWORKs Funding . The spreadsheet links for CalWORKs, and 2021-22 WIOA Funding can be found on the State and Local...

2021-22 WIOA Funding Levels Posted!!!!

Earlier today CDE posted the 2021-22 WIOA Funding amounts within their Funding Results section of the website. The spreadsheet can be accessed here: 2021-22 WIOA Funding Amounts

Calendar Update – September 2021!!!!

CAEP/TAP announced three new events for September 2021 that were not already posted on our calendar. Another "California Statewide WIOA II Network Zoom Meeting" scheduled for Tuesday the 7th. The deadline for applying to participate in CALPRO's Online "Integrated...

Calendar Update – August 2021!!!!

Two important webinars have been scheduled for the month of August. On August 9 OTAN will be hosting an interactive session EXCLUSIVELY for agencies who have been selected for Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) during 2021-22. On August 20 CAEP is presenting information...

Calendar Update – Week of July 25 – 31!!!!

Our Event Calendar is up-to-date for the week of July 25-31.

CAEP Final 2021-22 Allocations Posted!!!!

The final CAEP Allocations for 2021-22 have been posted on our website within the Local and State Guidelines section. Our consortium's figures are found on page 8 of the document. Each member's final amount is indicated. You can also access the document here: CAEP...

English as a Second Language

Students attend classes to develop English skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing for societal integration and the workplace.

Community Classes

A variety of special interest classes are offered through adult education community services.

High School Diploma

students who are interested in completing the requirements for a high school diploma and preparing for the GED..

Workforce Preparation

Workforce preparation classes and services offer adults support in application completion, resume? writing, interviewing skills

GED/HiSET Preparation

 GED and HiSET Preparation classes are offered to assist students prepare for the GED or HiSET examination


In Citizenship class, we will work to prepare you to pass the Citizenship interview in English

Language Arts & Mathematics Skills

Basic skills classes in reading, writing, and mathematics are offered to prepare students for high level academic classes


Apprenticeship programs offer an opportunity for adults to earn while they learn.
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